Our Services

Commercial Engagement & Representation 
Latin America Business

We act as your Latam commercial representatives, approaching market leaders, resellers, investors and customers to develop opportunities for your company (sales, partnerships, investments). Leveraging the local knowledge and connections our team will ensure that your company accomplishes its business objectives.

We act as your business’ physical presence in Latam and help to develop your Latam customer base using our detailed market knowledge, and extensive industry contacts.

Public Policy and Regulatory support & Consulting 

In a world of fast-changing regulation, keeping up to date and on top of the latest rules, regulations and requirements can sometimes be one plate too many to keep spinning. 

Let us become:

  • Your regulatory advisor

  • Your representative with the regulator and other government agencies

Service for Startups/
Scaleups/ Innovators

We are the place where Innovators/Startup/Scaleups and Corporate and VC collaboration is simple and successful.


We specialize in technology assessment, product development, and resource allocation, and strategic alliances

We can unlock hidden value by matching Innovations with corporations in a meaningful way. 

Matching needs to generate an impact on both sides 

Strategy & Business Consulting

We have a number of standalone consultancy services designed to assist organisations, among other:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Market Strategy: Market research & competition analysis

  • Product and/or Service Strategy

  • Partner and Channel Strategy

  • Due Diligence, Acquisition or Partner Due Diligence

  • Market Assessment

  • Business Plan Analysis

  • Technical Due Diligence

  • Market and Competitive Analysis

  • Value Chain Analysis, 

  • ROI Analysis, 

  • Bids, proposals and tenders for work

Ad Hoc Consulting

We provide Consulting in

  • How to do business in LATAM

  • Economic and political overview of the market

  • Industry/sector statistics and analysis

  • Market opportunities and competition

  • Typical barriers to entry

  • Routes to market

  • Country by country Legal and Regulatory Information

  • Investment opportunities

  • Joint Ventures and business partnerships

  • Customized Competitive Analysis, 

  • Market Forecasts and

  • Opportunity Analysis, 

  • M&A Analysis, 

  • Business Plan Development

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