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Services for Startups, Scaleups & Innovators

We are close to many C-level executives of relevant industries who have asked us to support their quest for new revenues by sourcing, validating and match-making
Startups / Scaleups / Innovators as growth partners.

We scale, accelerate and internationalise your Innovations and drive your company's revenues by accelerating their key activities (i.e. Sales, Partnerships, Investments) and matching them with corporations /market leaders & partners.​

With our C-level network of Connections & Sales Acceleration program, we help you to maximise the impact of your go-to-market. A well thought out market-entry strategy is crucial to your overall commercial success. We achieve this through our tailored Sales Acceleration program

If your company is raising their series A or B rounds we can help to match it with an ecosystem of private equity firms focused on technology-based companies, which can help you through a variety of loosely affiliated investment strategies including leveraged buyout, venture capital, and growth capital. 

We help innovators to succeed, by leveraging our in-depth and expansive knowledge of the Latam ecosystem

We create the spark of connection with Innovators to inspire collaboration, partnership and growth

Our Service for Startups, Scaleups & Innovators
We give your company truly effective exposure to the LATAM market and deal-flow. We facilitate the access to deal-flow for potential partnerships, investments and new growth opportunities.

We have a deeper appreciation of what it takes to make a new idea successful, have the battle scars to prove it.

We look for breakthroughs that will take several industries, our clients, our understanding of what’s to come, forward, by leaps and bounds.

We have a passion for innovation and we take a multi-disciplinary to answer tough questions and see through the fog.

Service for Startups/Scaleups/ Innovators

We are the place where Innovators/Startup/Scaleups and Corporate and VC collaboration is simple and successful.

We specialize in technology assessment, product development, and resource allocation, and strategic alliances

We can unlock hidden value by matching Innovations with corporations in a meaningful way. 

Matching needs to generate an impact on both sides 

We Match:

Your company with Market leaders or Private equity firms


Your Game-Changing Value Proposition with Customers & Partners 


Opportunities with Impact


Innovators that are raising their series A or B rounds with Investments

We offer access to high-potential and previously inaccessible markets, through high-level engagements
Sales Acceleration
  • Step 1 – Understanding your needs​

  • Step 2 – Market validation​
  • We will complete a detailed market investigation in order to identify and validate key market opportunities, product feasibility, key competitors, potential distributors/sales agents, strategic alliances and key industry groups.​

  • Step 3 – Route-to-market review​
    • Based on our market findings, we will develop a tailored market entry program focused on achieving a fast and efficient route-to-market.​

    • We sharpen your value proposition and jointly develop an actionable sales plan. You will be equipped with a value-creating operating and pricing model as well as authoritative sales documents – all-set to win the defined target account list! ​

  • Step 4 – Commercial engagement​
    • Leveraging our connections and established relationships with key stakeholders (distributors, channels, partners)​

  • Step 5 – Market entry​
    • We will support you end to end to understand the local business environment and will facilitate agreements with Key Stakeholders​

  • Step 6 – On-going representation + back office support​
    • We will become your facilitator, support and commercially representative while providing the required back-office services to enable operations.​

​Our process conducted close to market realities ensuring you get relevant feedback at all times. ​
We help you to sharpen your value proposition for the different prospects
Our team accompanies the lifecycle of deals end-to-end, ensuring a smooth onboarding and lifecycle management​

We are a highly experienced team combining know-how and network with high spirits.

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