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Business Consulting

What we can do

Help with Bids, Proposals and Tenders for Work
  • Winning new business when you are based overseas can be challenging. You need a good understanding of your target market – the language, culture and the value that your potential client is looking for you to deliver.​

  • Our business development team have over 30 years’ experience of bidding and winning tenders. If your business needs expert support and guidance to bid successfully for a contract, we can help.​

  • We’ll support you throughout the bid process and follow up with a review and evaluation of your proposal, before it’s submitted, providing insight and recommendation to give you the edge.​

  • Our team will help reduce the time you spend responding to a bid, increase your chances of success and help you to learn from the process for future bids – using our detailed knowledge and experience of business in Latam.

Market Research and Competition Analysis for Business
  • If you are interested in expanding your business and client base in Latam but want a better understanding of your business's potential before committing resources, we can perform market research and competition analysis on your behalf. This will give you an unbiased and fair assessment of the market for your products or services.​

  • We will help you to understand what potential there is and where any opportunities lie. We’ll give you information on possible clients and competitors, presenting various options before recommending the best way forward. Our team has helped many SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) and large businesses to enter and expand within Latam.

  • Market potential sizing

  • Market trends and quantification

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Value-chain Analysis

  • Technical assessment of products and service offerings

  • Demand analysis for products

  • Financial modeling and scenario analysis

  • Strategic Planning

  • Market Strategy: Market research & competition analysis

  • Product and/or Service Strategy

  • Partner and Channel Strategy

  • Due Diligence, Acquisition or Partner Due Diligence

  • Market Assessment

  • Business Plan Analysis

  • Technical Due Diligence

  • Market and Competitive Analysis

  • Value Chain Analysis

  • ROI Analysis

  • Bids, proposals, and tenders for work

Market Information for our Clients

We provide market information, support and guidance to government departments and international embassies. This includes reports, information, presentations and webinars to members, or interested parties so that they have a better understanding of the ICT sector in Latam. This information includes:

  • How to do business in Latam

  • Economic and political overview of the market

  • Industry/sector statistics and analysis

  • Market opportunities and competition

  • Typical barriers to entry

  • Routes to market

  • Country by country Legal and Regulatory Information

  • Investment opportunities

  • Joint Ventures and business partnerships

Legal, Financial, and Administration Support​

  • Getting established and growing your business in any foreign market requires local knowledge and expertise. There is often a maze of financial, legal and administrative obstacles to negotiate. Without help, doing business in Latam can be especially challenging. With so many countries, there are a wide variety of rules and regulations that are different from country to country.​

  • Our team can help your business get established with comprehensive legal, financial and administrative support. We’ve been working in countries throughout Latam for over 20 years and can provide you with expert advice and support.​

  • Ways we can help:​

  • · Acting as your Process Agent​

  • · business setup and company registration​

  • · Accountancy, bookkeeping and payroll​

  • · Tax advice and guidance​

  • · VAT Administration​

  • · Regulatory advice and guidance, country by country​

  • · Translation, interpretation and language assistance​

  • · Latam Office Setup for Overseas Businesses

HR Support​

  • As your business is expanding, identifying and finding key people to run your business in Latam can be extremely time-consuming and challenging. This is especially true for companies that are based overseas. Our partners have many years’ experience in helping clients to identify, vet and recruit the staff that add value to their organisation and go on to contribute to the on-going success of their businesses in Latam.


Local expertise with global knowledge

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