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Why Choose Futurist Thinking?

We strongly believe that we can unlock hidden value by matching startups with corporations in a meaningful way.
Because we understand that Corporations needs:
  • To generate an immediate impact on top- and bottom-line – the time is ticking

  • To find a new way to innovate as they are lagging behind the market and often are a prisoner of their success (or organization) 

  • To quickly launch original products/ services reducing T2M and related costs

  • To carefully manage impact when dealing with Innovators not to risk harming their reputation

  • Futurist Thinking is the support partner to leading companies that aim to better understand and grow their businesses in Latin America. We create value for your company being your business ally and identifying the best opportunities for you. 


Establishing a business in Latam can be extremely profitable; however, it is also multi-faceted, complicated, expensive, time-consuming and risky without the necessary expertise, networks and in-depth understanding of the market, the business environment, and the culture. We provide you with the Know-How, Know-Why, Know-What and Know-Who based on many years of experience. 


We offer you extensive experience and significant track record in facilitating, implementing, managing and executing global business development solutions, strategic agreements, sales, commercial representations, distribution systems, management and control of commercial partners.


Our experts have experience offering specialized services to foreign companies to facilitate success in new markets, and our on-the-ground experience in this region is invaluable. Many subtler features can impact your ability to be successful. Our expertise had allowed us to work for a wide variety of clients in both the private and public sector.

We offer a set of valuable skills that make agile and reliable your access to Latam's business market: subject 

matter expertise, solution knowledge, market knowledge, solid networking base, advice on local regulation, local presence, single point of contact in the region, multi-sectoral business networking.


We act on behalf of our clients to identify opportunities, strengthen partner relationships, and assist them in closing deals in their perspective line of business. 

We provide you with tailored sales, business, technical and regulatory support - ensuring that our representation services are designed to meet the needs of your business.

Our goal is to build mutually rewarding and successful relationships with all of our clients – ensuring that your Latam’s sales grow along with your customer base.


We are experts in creating value for your company by offering you tailored solutions to add value to your international strategy formulation, decision-making and most importantly, execution with experience & expertise.


Our connections with business owners and C-Level executives are genuine and trustworthy.

Committed to building

long-term customer relationships

Our Core Values

  • Trust, Integrity & Honesty

  • Accountability

  • Commitment to Customers

  • Boldness & Passion

  • Ownership

  • Constant Improvement

  • Innovation

  • Quality

  • Simplicity

  • We set the highest expectations in ourselves and

  • adhere to a distinct set of values in our everyday work.

We believe in the currency of people and the value of connections to create value for your company identifying the best opportunities for your business. The trust and insight we provide can significantly accelerate your business development efforts.​​

Our Commitment to our Clients

We are committed to building strategic, long-term customer relationships and providing:


  • World-class Sales & Business Representation

  • An Immediate Presence In LATAM

  • An Extensive Network of Industry Contacts and Resources

  • Detailed Insight into Local and Regional Markets

  • In-depth understanding of Business Practices and Local Customs

  • Maintaining up-to-date product and solution knowledge

Contact Us

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We have the industry expertise and local resources to help you identify and evaluate new market opportunities. We look forward to meeting with you. For an initial consultation or further references, please contact us:

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of our team will be in contact with you soon.

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