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Commercial Engagement &
Sales Representation

We help your company to expand its reach into Latam by providing local professional support, strategic and commercial representations of companies, brands in the USA, Mexico, Central America, South America,​
We act as your commercial representatives, approaching market leaders, resellers, investors, and customers to develop opportunities for your company (sales, partnerships, investments). Leveraging the local knowledge and connections, our team will ensure that your company accomplishes its business objectives.​

What's services are included?

Strategic Advice & Support
Building & executing a Go to Market strategy
Meeting Setup and Facilitation with Prospective Clients
Regulatory and Local Legal Advisory Support
Business & Technical Support Services
Market Research and Competition Analysis

Trends & Perspectives Analysis

Assessment and validation of your opportunity

Lead Generation
Professional Representation
Relationship Management

Ongoing representation with customers and bodies



Contract Negotiation. Support for Bids, Proposals and Tenders

RFP/RFI analysis, recommendations and Answer

Qualification of Opportunities & Partners

Business due
diligence support
Channel & Alliance Development

Identification, evaluation and negotiation with potential partner

Sales channel

Partner & channel strategy definition

How can our sales representation services help your business?

By partnering with Futurist Thinking, your business will gain immediate access to our extensive network of industry contacts. Our experience and knowledge of the Latam market enable you to grow sales more quickly and cost-effectively than trying to sell directly from overseas.


We help to grow your Latam’s customer base and drive sales without exposing your business to the potential risks and costs associated with opening an international business division and starting from scratch. We act as your outsourced sales office in Latam – with a vested interest in your success.

Experience Matters

Futurist Thinking is connected to the right players to launch and sell your products and services successfully reducing and making more efficient the process to deploy a business.

We are a team of experienced professionals with varied backgrounds that complement each other in helping our clients and customers. Our expertise covers sales, marketing, engineering, project management, sales engineering and technical account management, solution architects and consultant.


Business development in Latam is about personal connections and understanding the business culture. Access to the right people is essential. Having proper relationships can make new initiatives move in a timely and productive manner. Without them, you can lose valuable momentum and make very costly mistakes.


Our network of relationships, understanding of local markets and experience doing business in this region are the values we bring to you. They have been formed, cultivated and maintained over many years. The trust and insight they provide can significantly accelerate your business development efforts.

We can open doors to reputable people in key decision-making positions. We can provide objective advice on the realities of the market, competitive environments, partner identification and the many ancillary issues that must be considered for a successful entry into this growing market.


We handle complex negotiations and execute complex, large-scale, deeply structured transactions requiring a proactive approach and sophisticated elaboration, with accuracy and the sequential order of the actions being the most critical factors.


We manage full-scale interaction among all parties involved in the project at the decision-making level.

We are your connection to accelerated business development in Latin America.

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