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Public Policy, Regulatory & 

Government Relations Strategies:

Support & Consulting 

​We have an extensive network and market coverage in the Latam region. Our contact sphere covers official Government Bodies and International Organisations​. 
In a world of fast-changing regulation & policies and political scene, keeping up to date and on top of the latest rules, regulations and requirements can sometimes be one plate too many to keep spinning.​ 
We have deep expertise in Regulatory and Government Affairs in Latam and a strong network of trusted relations with key stakeholders in the respective markets.

Insights, support and advisory 

We can help your business representatives to meet and mingle with key government decision-makers. Those introductions can lead to new business ideas and opportunities.


We provide you with insights on opportunities and challenges in Latam markets based on the prevailing political, economic and regulatory environment, as well as the cultural background and nuances which can have an impact on how your business is conducted in the different markets.​


We assist you in developing a consistent approach and a holistic strategy.​ We help you identify key stakeholders both at the regional and local level, assess strategic collaborations, and support you on stakeholder engagement and planning.​

We deliver clear insights on the structure, decision-making process and policies of Regional and International Organisations / Bodies, as well as advice on ways of engaging.​

Our regulatory radar monitors the whole industry, detecting change and providing you with an early warning system to ensure you are fully informed and prepared.​ We are able to supply you with all-new material to meet all relevant regulatory change. Our Consultants then help you to implement this into your business.​

We also keep you entirely up to date with industry trends and topical information to give you relevant insight for you to share with clients.​ We have many years of proven professional experience in Public Policy and regulatory support & consulting in Latin America.​


Our Technology and Telecom Practice Group designs comprehensive government relations programs for businesses of all sizes and scopes.

Futurist Thinking professionals represent technology and telecommunications clients in a variety of areas, including assisting with public policy development to achieve their marketing, regulatory goals.


  • Concessions​

  • Legal advice and Litigation activities

  • Wireless and spectrum

  • ​Big data analytics, Privacy

  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems

  • Trademark Registration​

  • Equipment approval: Homologation of equipment, Official country Standards

  • The Conformity Assessment process: Certification, Verification


We provide clients with a broad and diverse range of government relations and lobbying services leveraging our premier network of influential relationships with policymakers, elected officials and regulators.

  • Advocacy is constantly changing, we use new technologies and data to help us focus on advocacy strategies that improve our client's return on investment.  But before your company executes an advocacy plan, it is important to note: formulating policies is a gradual process, usually progressing in small steps. The processes of re-evaluating public policy require time and this is the main reason that consistency and stability in a government relations advocacy plan is critical.

  • We help clients execute a stable and focused Advocacy Plan that best position them to make timely decisions that capitalize on opportunities and/or reduce or eliminate downside risks of government policies.

  • Building trusted relationships with people in government are the heart of government relations.

We tailor professional Advocacy Plans for each client that address their specific needs.  Components of  our Advocacy Plans include:

  • Research Facts/Data,

  • Identifying key Stakeholders

  • Message Development/Delivery,

  • Press opportunities,

  • Social media

Let us become

Your Advisor​ in Public Policy, Regulatory and Government relations strategies
Your representative with the regulator and other government agencies ​
Your lobbyist- have an advocate to help you influence political decisions and regulations

We believe in the currency of people and the value of connections.

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