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Operation Support


The Business Unit of OPERATION SUPPORT emerged in 2008 and has evolved and grown due to mergers, acquisitions, and associations of companies with extensive experience in the Telecommunications and Information Technology market.


Its partners, managers, and technicians decided to contribute their extensive experience and knowledge to solve multiple current and future problems for Telecommunications operators, among other support to Legacy Networks.


We offer Multi-vendor services. Our clients serving are the leading Telecom Companies in Mexico and LATAM.

We have the best technological partners.​ And we own the largest HW repair laboratories in LATAM.


We distinguish ourselves by the rapid creation (ON-DEMAND) of temporary units of operational forces (Task Force) established to work on specific projects that include national and international experts.

Extend the useful life of networks and their elements (access, transport, terminal equipment, Core.

Reduce maintenance costs.

We are suppliers that will remain in the market for the next few years for your needs

Technical support, management, maintenance, repairs, restoring services solving emergencies

LEGACY and Out-of-warranty equipment - wireless and wired networks

Consolidate infrastructure.

Reduce energy consumption.

Refurbishment of equipment.

Recover/rehabilitate parts for reuse as spare parts

Infrastructure consolidation

Support to Submarine Cables

We help our clients to achieve their goals of reducing CAPEX, OPEX. Among our vaue proposition

We are your connection to accelerated business development in Latin America.

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