Where  Innovation

Meets Experience

We close the gap between your company
& Latin America.
Understanding What´s Next

We are your presence in LATAM

  • We are focused on exponential technologies, evolving trends, emerging challenges and opportunities, new business models & technology advances.
  • Our clients range from small startups with disruptive ideas to multinational conglomerates looking for an edge.
  • We help major brands formulate winning, profitable, and sustainable strategies.

We create perfect Matches

  • We are your connection to accelerated business development in Latin America.

  • We generate value by helping our clients find solutions or customers or partners that will create value for them and transform their business with innovation

  • We scale, accelerate and internationalise your Innovations and drive your company's revenues by accelerating their key activities (i.e. Sales, Partnerships, Investments) and matching them with corporations /market leaders & partners in Latin America

We Match:


Challenges with innovative solutions


Corporations with Game-Changing Value Propositions


Innovation with

Customer Base


Corporations with New Sources of Revenue


Innovators with Investments


Innovators with Customers/ Sales Channels



with Disruptors


Opportunities with Impact


Solutions with  Customers, Partners and Resellers


Innovators with

Market Leaders

Our Work

What We Specialize In

We are experts in developing business opportunities for disruptive companies with leading-edge, technologies, solutions, produts an services.

What we bring

We bring short-term impact on corporations as we work with game-changing innovations with confirmed market traction and set-up value-creating collaborations.

We ensure the impact being created by managing the process end-to-end.

Who We Are

Our company was founded by experienced executives in Venture Capital, Consulting, Business Development  & Sales, Marketers, Innovators,  Strategic Engagement Networkers, Futurist and Visionaries.

Whom We Work With

We possess in-depth understanding and broad networks of relationsships in the following verticals: IT, Telecom, media, financial services, retail, New Advertising, Security, Public Sector & Government agencies and the Health care industry.

What We Do

We connect you with high-level Know-How, Know-Why,Know-Who based on many years of realtionship and in-depth Knowledge

Our Differentiator's








Our Services

Commercial Engagement & Representation 
Latin America Business
Strategy & Business Consulting

We act as your Latam commercial representatives, approaching market leaders, resellers, investors and customers to develop opportunities for your company (sales, partnerships, investments). Leveraging the local knowledge and connections our team will ensure that your company accomplishes its business objectives.

We act as your business’ physical presence in Latam and help to develop your Latam customer base using our detailed market knowledge, and extensive industry contacts.

We have a number of standalone consultancy services designed to assist organisations, among other:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Market Strategy: Market research & competition analysis

  • Product and/or Service Strategy

  • Partner and Channel Strategy

  • Due Diligence, Acquisition or Partner Due Diligence

  • Market Assessment

  • Business Plan Analysis

  • Technical Due Diligence

  • Market and Competitive Analysis

  • Value Chain Analysis, 

  • ROI Analysis, 

  • Bids, proposals and tenders for work

Public Policy and Regulatory support & Consulting 

In a world of fast-changing regulation, keeping up to date and on top of the latest rules, regulations and requirements can sometimes be one plate too many to keep spinning. 

Let us become:

  • Your regulatory advisor

  • Your representative with the regulator and other government agencies

Service for Startups/
Scaleups/ Innovators

We are the place where Innovators/Startup/Scaleups and Corporate and VC collaboration is simple and successful.


We specialize in technology assessment, product development, and resource allocation, and strategic alliances

We can unlock hidden value by matching Innovations with corporations in a meaningful way. 

Matching needs to generate an impact on both sides 

Ad Hoc Consulting

We provide Consulting in

  • How to do business in LATAM

  • Economic and political overview of the market

  • Industry/sector statistics and analysis

  • Market opportunities and competition

  • Typical barriers to entry

  • Routes to market

  • Country by country Legal and Regulatory Information

  • Investment opportunities

  • Joint Ventures and business partnerships

  • Customized Competitive Analysis, 

  • Market Forecasts and

  • Opportunity Analysis, 

  • M&A Analysis, 

  • Business Plan Development


Our Value Proposition

We are your connection to accelerated business development in Latin America​
We are Innovation- Focused

An Extensive Network of

Industry Contacts and


We Provide Your Business With An Immediate Presence In Latam

Detailed Understanding

of Business Practices 

and Local Customs

Detailed Insight into Local and Regional Markets

Value Proposition 4.jpg


Exponential Technologies

World-class Sales & Business Representation


Industries we work with​

Unlocking hidden value by matching
corporations with Innovations
Mobile & Fix Network
Public Sector


Leading Brands, Retailers. Consumer Products

FinTechs, Banks, Payments
Financial services and Venture Capital
PayTV &


Industry 4.0
Supporting the
 response to Covid-19


Digital Health, Healthcare & Lifesciences
Digital Biology & Biotech
Energy and WaterTech
Nanotech & 3D printing & Digital Fabrication

Fields of innovation we are mainly ​

focusing on these days

Unlocking hidden value by matching corporations with Innovations


Cognitive technologies

Artificial Intelligence​




Cyber Security &​

Physical security

Edge Computing.jpeg

Cloud / ​Edge 


Networks & Computing Systems


New Engagement&  ​Advertising. 

Bridging the physical & digital



Industry 4.0.jpeg

Industry 4.0



Blockchain ​


Big data.jpeg

Data Science: Big Data & Data​





Augmented & Virtual Reality

Digital Biology & Biotech

Nanotech & Digital Fabrication

Our Team has worked with

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“The team at Futurist Thinking possesses the perfect blend of “knowledge of technologies pertaining to Telecom market” and “GO TO attitude” to explore & execute all new ideas that positively impact business in the LATAM Telecom Market. Have had the privilege of working with them and look forward to more.”

Vicente Saldaño

We are your connection to accelerated business development

in Latin America.

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Contact Us

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We have the industry expertise and local resources in México City, Sao Paolo Brazil Seoul Korea, Atlanta USA and Shenzhen China (and soon in Tel Aviv) to help you identify and evaluate new market opportunities.

We look forward to meeting you. For an initial consultation or further references, please contact us:

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